The Rahn Kulturfonds was founded to promote and award outstanding students of swiss music conservatoires and academies.


Rahn prize winners’ concert

The prize winners’ concert is the grande finale of the Rahn Musikpreis. The prize winners have the chance to appear as soloists at an established concert hall, accompanied by a renowned orchestra. The concert takes place within a few months after the competition. More…

Rahn Concert Continuo

In the year after the prize winners’ concert, the Rahn Concert Continuo offers another opportunity to the prize winners as well as to outstanding scholarship holders supported by Rahn Kulturfonds to perform in front of a big audience and thereby demonstrate how they progressed. More…

Rahn Concert Più

The Rahn concert Più is the latest concert format of Rahn Kulturfonds and was launched in autumn 2018. Prize winners as well as scholarship holders supported by Rahn Kulturfonds will perform at the Kaufleuten Festsaal in Zurich. The concert is addressing music lovers of all ages. More…


Rahn Festival 2022 included five concerts in Zurich, Baden and Basel at which 33 prize winners and scholarship holders of Rahn Kulturfonds could perform. More…

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