The Rahn Kulturfonds was founded to promote and award outstanding students of swiss music conservatoires and academies.

Our Partners

The following organizers are partners of Rahn Kulturfonds. For sustainability reasons we offer our prize winners further considerable performances.

Art Dialog Festival
The Association ArtDialog provides a platform for well-known national and international artists and promotes young talent around the world. The goal of the Festival ArtDialog is to provide a shared platform for well-known music ensembles of classical music and national and international talents. The second priority is to create a synergy of music and art, especially visual art of national and international painters and photographers, the oenology of award-winning wines from the Bielersee-region and new ballet, the art of dance.
The following prizewinners have performed as soloists at the Art Dialog Festival:
2017: Benedek Horváth, 1. Preis Rahn Musikpreis 2016 für Klavier
2018: Chiara Opalio, 1. Preis Rahn Musikpreis 2016 für Klavier
2019: Chiara Opalio (1. Preis Rahn Musikpreis 2016 für Klavier) und Eoin Ducrot (3. Preis Violine, Rahn Musikpreis 2018 für Streicher)
2020: Jérémie Conus, 3. Preis Rahn Musikpreis 2020 für Klavier

Orchester vom See
Ulrich Stüssi, founder and director of the Orchester vom See, organised the Golden Festival for the first time in August 2020. The three-day open-air festival by the Lake of Zurich aims to promote young musicians in orchestral playing and as soloists.
Amelia Mirella Maszonska, Rahn Musikpreis 2018 (violin)
Eoin Ducrot, Rahn Musikpreis 2018 (violin)
Manuel Nägeli, Rahn Musikpreis 2018 (viola)
Nadja Reich, schloar 2017 (violoncello)
Klaudia Baca, scholar 2017 (double bass)
Patricia Sà Duarte, schloar 2018 and 2020 (clarinet)
Sherniyaz Mussakhan, Rahn Musikpreis 2018 (violin)
Rennosuke Fukuda, scholar 2017 and 2020 (violin)
Jana Ozolina, scholar 2013 (viola)
Iago Dominguez Eiras, (violoncello)
Georgiana Pletea, Rahn Musikpreis 2020 (piano)
Fabian Ziegler, schloar 2017 (percussion)

Luzerner Sinfonie Orchester
The Lucerne Symphony Orchestra (LSO) is known as the oldest orchestra in Switzerland today. What started out as the city’s music society with some two dozen amateur players has since grown into a remarkable ensemble of around seventy seasoned professionals, led by a young and ambitious conductor, all eager to tackle even the most challenging works of the repertoire. By now the orchestra has built a reputation far beyond the Lucerne region, be it through exquisite CD recordings, guest appearances or tours in Europe and abroad.

#guerillaclassics drags classical music out of the concert halls and spread it right among the people – be it on a tram stop in the city centre or on a raft on the lake. The project aims to share the magic of classical music with a broad audience. With their «musical attacks» #guerillaclassics wants to make people come together, encourage them to pause for a moment, and create surprising experiences in their daily routine.
Past guerilla-actions with Rahn prize winners or scholarship holders:
Fabian Ziegler: guerilla-actions of 14.04.2018 and 25.8.2017 in Zurich
Sherniyaz Mussakhan: guerilla-action of 19. February 2019 in Zurich
Alfredo Ferre Martínez: guerilla-action of 19. February 2019 in Zurich
Sebastian Braun: guerilla-action of 30. March 2019 in The Residency, Zurich
Leonel Matis Quinta: guerilla-action of 20. June 2019 at Zoo Zurich
Larisa Baghdasaryan: guerilla-action of 2. July 2019 at Zurich Main Station
Pavla Flámova: guerilla-action of 31. October 2019 at Herren Coiffeur West, Zurich

Other partners
Kammerorchester der Kirchgemeinde Witikon
Musik an der ETH
Heinrich Gebert Kulturstiftung Appenzell

Next concerts

Musik an der ETH & UZH

Podium for young talents

Saturday, 9 April 2022, 11.30h
Sherniyaz Mussakhan, violin
Georgiana Pletea, piano