The Rahn Kulturfonds was founded to promote and award outstanding students of swiss music conservatoires and academies.

Rahn Kulturfonds

In 1976, Hans Konrad Rahn has initiated the Rahn Musikpreis as a competition for young students at Swiss music academies. In the early years, prize winners were given the opportunity of a solo performance at the Zurich Music Conservatory and later at the Church of St. Peter in Zurich.

Hans Konrad Rahn
Hans Konrad Rahn (1933 – 2009)


In 2004, the association Rahn Kulturfonds was founded by Ana Patricia Rahn Erden, the daughter of Hans Konrad Rahn. Since then, the Rahn Musikpreis has been awarded every two years, alternating between piano and string instruments. The prize winners are given the opportunity to perform at the prize winners’ concert in a grand concert hall, where they are accompanied by a renowned orchestra. In the year following the competition, the prize winners as well as distinguished scholarship holders are provided with further platforms to present their musical development in the Rahn concerts Continuo and Più.

Moreover, during a period of four years after receiving their awards, Rahn Kulturfonds arranges for the prize winners and scholarship holders to appear in prestigious concert series by financing  their fees for these performances.

Since 2011, Rahn Kulturfonds has also been providing scholarships and lends instruments to outstanding young students.

Rahn Kulturfonds is funded by its patrons as well as RAHN AG, a third-generation family-owned company.


Board Rahn Kulturfonds

From left to right: Markus L. Meyer, Johannes G. Leuthold, Ana Patricia Rahn Erden, Pierre Jaccoud and Allegra Sosso.

The Board meets twice a year to decide over applications from institutions that aim to engage prize winners and scholarship holders. The Board also approves the scholarships and the lending of instruments to outstanding students of Swiss music academies.


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